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Following WeatherTech's philosophy, AutoMaked Srl guarantees that products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for the entire useful life of the original purchaser, and only for the original vehicle in which they were installed. This does not mean that a product that is consumed by normal wear and tear due to use is of the product. Similarly to what happens with the tires, brake pads and shoes you wear, everything wears out and, in this case, it does not mean that you have not received valid products for the consideration paid.

Damages due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as petrol and bleach sprays, vehicle accidents, incorrect use, incorrect installation, etc. are also excluded from the warranty.

We strongly believe in customer satisfaction, because we too are customers.
In case of problems, we make ourselves available to discuss and find an adequate solution, which is satisfactory for both parties, both for the customer and for AutoMaked S.r.l .; once the desired solution has been agreed, we generally do not charge extra costs. Our decision is final and will provide for the free replacement of the product or the charge to the customer of a proportional share that can be converted into a discount for the purchase of an identical replacement product.
Our goal is to make sure that our customers are always satisfied, so we will always be available to find a suitable solution to any problem.

If you require a refund or wish to return your WeatherTech products, always contact the retailer where you purchased them. Remember that for the purpose of refund or return, it is mandatory to present a proof of purchase of the product from AutoMaked S.r.l.

The direct purchase from AutoMaked S.r.l. is the ideal way to get the best customer support in Europe, as we are an official WeatherTech reseller!

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