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Dog Ramp | PetRamp

High Friction Dog Ramp for Maximun Safety

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As low as €123.22 €101.00


The folding dog ramp for cars that helps owners and their favorite pets.
Designed to make life easier for our dogs when they have to get into and out of our vehicles and also for people that want to avoid lifting their dogs.

The body of the pet ramp has concealed hinges completely made of a plastic polymer ensuring it remains light but strong. The upper and lower surfaces on both ends of the platform are made of different materials and siliconized to avoid scratching the bumper and to ensure grip on each surface.

The rubber walkway ensures stability and safety while your pet is climbing or descending.
The folding dog ramp is 38cm wide, lightweight, and easy to carry with a 136kg maximum capacity.

Our PetRamp dog ramp is the ideal solution for you and your dog. You will no longer have to painstakingly lift your pet into your car and your dog will be able to comfortably get in and out without jumping.


  • It’s practical.
    Finally, a practical and durable dog ladder for your car designed by animal lovers specifically for our 4-legged friends. Thanks to its raised edges and molded-in soft and textured rubber surface, it offers a safe and comfortable ascent and descent for our pets. When in use the platform measures 170cm in length, and when folded in half on its 180° hinges for storage or transport it measures only 85cm. It weighs only 5.8 kg making it practical and comfortable for any application. 

  • It’s adaptable.
    Specifically studied and designed to fit to any car model. Our technical department uses 3D prototypes to test out all the variables. In fact, there are two models, one with and one without a central support step. The step-free model can be carried comfortably so you always have it with you. The step model called "EasyRamp" is bulkier, but the ramp is not as steep allowing our pets to easily climb up and down. 

  • It’s safe.
    The WeatherTech PetRamp has a top surface with a soft texture pleasant to the touch and includes grip bumps that help your dog when climbing up and down. The lower part is reinforced so that it can withstand a max load of 136kg. Lastly, it is easy to clean and has no iron components so it will not rust or age.

  • It’s durable.
    It is composed of a high-density resin material that is mechanically and chemically resistant and is robust even at high temperatures. The walkways are made of rough and soft rubber with grip bumps to facilitate walking even with wet paws. This means that your PetRamp will not deform due to sudden changes in temperature or even after heavy loading. Buy one and enjoy it for a lifetime. 

  • It’s odorless.
    The PetRamp is made with our special Polyethylene which differs from the common everyday rubber that has an odor. It is a non-toxic polymer material that is odorless and can be completely recycled. Even when it is wet and loaded into your car it doesn’t give off unpleasant smells.

  • WeatherTech is there to help you and your pet to make the most of every day!

    PetRamp is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States of America.

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