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Raised Dog Bowl

The Safer Raised Dog Bowl

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As low as €58.23 €48.93

High Pet Feeding System

You worry about what your pet eats, but do you also know WHERE they eat? Oh yes, this also affects the lives of our furry friends.

We often worry about buying the best quality food for our pets to ensure that they enjoy a long and healthy life. But have you ever thought about the low-quality plastics and metals used for pet feeder stations that eventually degrade over time? Parts of these materials end up contaminating the food they come into contact with. Not to mention other elements that just should not be there. Our product is made of ultra-resistant stainless steel or BPA-Free plastic in the United States. These are the only cat and dog bowl stands certified by the NSF to be free of lead, radiation, mercury, cadmium, and other toxins.

There are many benefits of a raised dog feeder. For example, it reduces effort while your pet eats and improves their digestion as it allows them to feed with their neck stretched out and parallel to the ground. Our raised dog bowls come in different heights so that you can easily get the size most appropriate for your dog. Choose the height of the perfect feeding station for your 4-legged friend using the appropriate help pages.


NSF Certificazione per uso casalingo Certified 100% Non-Toxic: The only USA-made stainless steel or BPA-free plastic dog bowls and cat bowls to be certified by the NSF. Free of lead, mercury, cadmium, radiation, and other toxins! These bowls meet the same safety standards as products used by humans.
Safe! BPA-Free Plastic Approved by the American FDA: The bowl holder and mat provide a safe food environment thanks to certified materials resistant to the proliferation of germs and mold.
Completely Dishwasher Safe: The mat and stand can be easily cleaned with a damp towel or sponge. All product components, bowls, stand and mat can be safely cleaned in your dishwasher!
WeatherTech’s Quality Guarantee: The stand and mat are made of resistant and durable non-toxic plastic that can withstand even the most destructive pets.
Made in the USA: We want only the best for your pets and that's why all the components were designed and manufactured in America!

Every design detail is precisely examined:

Bowl Shape Icon

2 Bowl Shape Icon Ergonomic bowl design: The design is specifically designed to give your dog effortless access to their food and water! Prevent them from having to strain their neck and back to lick the bottom of the bowl!
2 Sloped surface of feeding system Sloped surfaces: The surfaces of the bowl holder are sloped to direct stray drops of water or food crumbs onto the mat below.
3 NSF Lucchetto Locked in place: The positioning ribs on the mat base keep the raised support locked into place. So it won’t shift, move, or be knocked over! These are the best anti-flipping dog bowls on the market!
3 Pitched Mat Mat designed to facilitate cleaning: Food and water spills are directed towards the outer edges of the mat to prevent debris from accumulating under the bowl supports and to facilitate cleaning.
5 Pet shield Dirt barrier: The raised edge around the mat contains food and water spillage preventing it from ending up on your floor!

Additional Information:

Our raised dog feeding stations fit even the largest breeds. A double dog bowl stand can be used for both food and water in which ever combination is most comfortable for you and your dog. You can use several bowls in different positions in your house or garden, or to facilitate the management of several dogs in the same house.
Anti-flipping dog bowls ensure your home and floor stay clean! Our elevated dog feeding station has a stand that is perfectly integrated into the design of the product ensuring it stays upright and your floor remains clean.
Follow this link to find more information regarding the bowl’s certifications.

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