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Non-Scratch Silicone Squeegee Water Removal

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As low as €29.75 €25.00


This rubber squeegee features a soft 13 cm scratch-resistant silicone blade designed to safely remove water from almost any surface. The Waterblade adapts to the contours of a surface and helps to significantly reduce the time and effort required to remove liquids from it. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grip and use. It does not scratch surfaces making it safe for use on all paints, fiberglass, windows and more. The WaterBlade is great for cars, trucks, vans, campers, boats, house windows, shower doors and other surfaces.


  • Dry your vehicle in a third of the time
  • Patented T-bar edge quickly removes water
  • This window cleaner tool is soft and does not scratch painted surfaces
  • Flexible blade adapts to the shape of the surface
  • 15 times less friction than terrycloth and microfiber towels
  • Hundreds of uses at home and beyond
  • For best results

  • Wash and rinse the vehicle thoroughly before using this product, including any recessed areas, grooves, and openings to wash away any foreign materials.
  • Make sure that dirt or abrasive material has been removed; these materials may cause damage to the vehicle while using WaterBlade.
  • The handle of the WaterBlade must never come into contact with the vehicle, it can potentially cause damage. Only the blade should come into contact with the surface.
  • Start using the glass squeegee before the water has dried to avoid streaks.
  • This window cleaning tool should not be used on a dry surface.
  • When using the WaterBlade, only moderate pressure is required to remove water; the soft silicone blade will fit the shape of your car.
  • You may need a small amount of additional pressure for ridges, peaks or extreme contours.
  • Start drying from top to bottom to minimize water dripping. Finish the drying process with a microfiber cloth for the grills, creases, etc.
  • Maintenance

  • Wash and rinse your rubber squeegee before each use.
  • The glass squeegee must be protected when not in use. Pay attention to sharp objects and edges to protect the blade from getting damaged.
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    Year2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997
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