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Multipurpose Tray

Silicone Multi-Use Protection Tray

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As low as €19.52 €16.00


FlexTray is a durable multipurpose silicone tray, measuring 20 cm x 33 cm. You can protect surfaces or objects and personal belongings from dirt, moisture, scratches, germs, and bacteria. It folds quickly using the side tabs specially designed to avoid contacting germs and dirt on the underside, making it an extremely convenient and functional companion in your everyday life. You can always carry it with you thanks to its convenient optional case.

How can you use the FlexTray?

We gathered our team and brainstormed the main uses, but no doubt you can find many others!

  • Can hold tools, screws, and bolts in one place.
  • Key dish: lightweight and non-slip, it will allow you to keep track of keys, coins, and wallets in one place.
  • Kitchen sink mat: keep your kitchen free from stains caused by sponges, dish brushes, soaps and detergents or place spoons and ladles on it while you cook without dirtying the countertop, or even place it under your coffee machine.
  • A small tray for keeping your worktop tidy when working on technical/mechanical projects.
  • Surface protector: put it under condiments at the kitchen table, under utensils next to the grill or try using it as a storage tray in the bathroom under soaps or makeup.
  • Desk tray organizer: for Kleenex, hand sanitizer, post-it notes, pens, key rings, and other accessories.
  • Paint mat: catches paint spills and drips or use it to rest your paint brush.
  • Bag mat: you can place your bag anywhere without worrying about it getting dirty.
  • Craft mat / Craft Tray: holds your knitting, beads, crochet, and jewelry helping you to organize your work, or protects your table from glue gun burns.

How to fold it:

Pull the side tabs up and outwards to bend the empty tray in half with the bottom surface folding in on itself. Fold into quarters and slip it into the optional case.

Cleaning instructions:

You can easily handwash the FlexTray with dish detergent or laundry detergent or try putting it in the washing machine or dishwasher on a normal cycle.

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