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Desktop Mobile Phone Holder | DeskFone ™

The Desk Phone Stand

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DeskFone™ is the phone dock that you can comfortably place on any countertop, making it perfect for both at work and at home. This mobile standing desk easily accommodates a wide range of mobile phones, including their standard sized protective cases.


  • Durable
    Tired of having desk phone holders that you need to replace after just a few months? This superior quality product is designed and manufactured in the United States using only the best materials.

  • Adapts to all smartphones
    The DeskFone™ is an adjustable smartphone stand and fits virtually all current mobile phones (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.), including those with standard sized protective cases.

  • Freedom to multitask
    The DeskFone™ allows you to focus on your work and much more! This smartphone holder makes your mobile device easy to use with just one hand; on your desk it helps you to multitask or follow a video call, in the kitchen you can read a new recipe hands-free, listen to music in the bathroom while you shower or place it on a shelf to film new video content for your social networks.

  • One size fits all
    Our universal phone stand can fit smartphones measuring from 6cm to 8.5cm wide and 1.5cm deep!

  • Keeps its feet on the ground
    The tripod stand is a unique design providing a stable base for your phone; the days of wobbling, flipping, or falling phones are over. In addition, the non-slip pads on the base ensure that the support does not move or slide on most surfaces.

  • Multiple perspectives
    An adjustable tilt feature allows you to fix the screen at almost any angle, perfect for video calls/conferences or even just to watch videos.

  • Always 100% charged
    An opening on the bottom of the stand allows you to easily charge your cell phone using the appropriate cable. You can leave the phone connected while in the DeskFone™ dock and you can easily remove and replace it from the stand without ever disconnecting the charger.

Optional accessories available:

  • Two View
    Do you want to be able to flip your mobile phone horizontally so you can watch a video, movie, or series? Choose this model if you want the option of inserting your phone vertically or horizontally in the dock. The charging cable remains accessible in both locations. When the DeskFone™ is adjusted horizontally it can accommodate smartphones measuring from 7.3cm to 17.1cm in width.

  • Billet Knobs
    The knobs that come with your DeskFone™ are fully functional and will last forever! However, fans of mechanical contraptions will appreciate the aesthetic value of our solid aluminium knobs, available in different colours. If you love finely crafted mechanical parts, you won’t be able to resist customizing your DeskFone™. After all, beauty is priceless!

Use examples:

  • Smartphone stand for mealtimes
    Watch a TV show while you are comfortably seated at your table for dinner or a quick YouTube video when you are alone at the restaurant grabbing a bit to eat.

  • Desktop phone holder
    The ideal companion while you work and much more! Fully adjust the tilt of your phone for your video calls. Keep an eye on important notifications. All the while your mobile phone continues to charge.

  • The ultimate weapon for your Social feeds
    Maximum control over the framing positioning, stability to put to the test, and easily transportable. What else could you ask for?

National and international patents awaiting registration.

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