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Dog Guard For Car

Dog Guard for your Car

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Pet Barrier

The Pet Barrier is simply a universal dog guard for the trunk of your car. WeatherTech engineers have developed this pet barrier to adapt to any car and medium using the best materials available. Aluminum alloys and high-strength plastic polymers making it resistant, practical, and economical.

With our dog barrier you will be able to travel with easy and keep your full attention on the road while your pets remain comfortably and safely in the cargo area of your car.

Easy to install:

  • Installs in minutes. No tools needed. Move it from one vehicle to another as needed.
  • Easy. Just open the trunk door and introduce it into the cargo area. Identify the position where you would like to install the pet fence and extend its quick adjust arms.
  • Safe. Easy to turn red knobs along with 14 speedy adjustments locks the barrier firmly in place. Large round flexible support feet create a snug fit without damaging the ceiling of your car.
  • Height. It adjusts from a minimum height of 76.2cm up to a maximum of 116.8cm.
  • Width. It adjusts from a minimum width of 99cm up to a maximum of 167.6cm.

Notable Features:

  • Dog gates for cars often are fixed in place, the Pet Barrier however, can be easily dismantled when you have to clean your car or use it in another vehicle.
  • Regular pet barriers often only cover the section above the rear seat headrests making it impossible to recline them; they also leave the back of the seats open to dog nails and dirt. WeatherTech has worked to create a product that resolves these design flaws.

Built to last:

The Pet Barrier is designed to last the whole life of your car and beyond. Like all our products, it has been tested to guarantee lasting performance even after many years of exposure to sun and frost. Made with quality aluminum alloys and plastic materials to ensure it is robust and survives the passage of time. The Pet Barrier is 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.

  • Made with durable but lightweight aluminum.
  • Side adjusting slides are made of sturdy and advanced plastic material.
  • The main upright is 2.6cm in diameter and is injection molded from a proprietary black resin that is incredibly strong.
  • The Internal upright is a 1.9cm diameter aluminum extrusion with a bright satin anodized finish.
  • The center aluminum cross bars are 1.6cm in diameter with a bright satin anodized finish.
  • The 1.3cm diameter side adjusting slides are custom designed and made from proprietary resin that is very strong.
  • The distance between the crossbars is 8,6cm.

Optional Accessories:

Fence Kit:

The kit includes an additional fence as an extension to the Pet Barrier, identical to the other 2 already included in the standard package. This fence is an optional add-on that helps divide the space between the rear seats and your car’s cargo area. This solution is perfect for situations when you need to fold away your seats or create a larger barrier surface compared to that covered by the 2 standard bars. Multiple Fence kits can be used with the Pet Barrier.

Storage Bag:

WeatherTech's Pet Barrier Storage Bag is the smart choice for easy storage. It has a compact design and is made of 200D nylon. It is durable, lightweight, and includes a heavy-duty handle that allows you to carry the bag by hand or over your shoulder.

Extension Kit:

WeatherTech's Pet Barrier Extension Kit adds an additional 27.9cm of height to the Pet Barrier for use in taller vehicles. Perfect for minivans, full size vans, or larger vehicles that are not compatible with Pet Barrier’s maximum height of 116.8cm. Extensions are the same 1.9cm aluminum extension used in the Pet Barrier, and includes hardware, Allen Key and instructions for a fast and easy install. Fence Kits can be used in combination with the Extension Kit.

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