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Floor Mats Custom | FloorLiner HP

The higher Performance with the next Generation FloorLiner
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FloorLiner HP

WeatherTech's talented designers and engineers have brought our already advanced FloorLiner into the future! The FloorLiner HP is simply the highest technology protection in the world!

FloorLiner HP is made using advanced rubber-like, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) compound making it both soft and durable. Engineered and created to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions, it won’t crack, curl or break down. This material is also 100% recyclable and is both latex and PVC-free!

Like the FloorLiners the specially designed retention system and non-slip nibs keep the FloorLiner HP locked in place, so there's no sliding. Its beveled edge prevents walls from curving in, for the ultimate stability. When applicable, a watertight seal around the retaining clasps help prevent dirt from escaping onto your car's carpet.

The main features:

  • It's beatiful.
    Finally a mat with a Sporty and Elegant look. Why have to choose between looks and functionality when you can have both? Nothing to do with the usual rubber car mats that are just beautifully photoshopped images on the Internet.
  • It stops literally everything.
    Thanks to its three-dimensional shape that includes raised edges, our vehicle floor mats manage to contain dirt and keep the floor immaculate, as though it has just left the dealership. Your car’s floor carpet will be safe from liquids that reduce its lifespan and produce bad odors.
  • It’s tailor-made.
    Specifically studied and designed to fit exclusively to the model of your car. Our technical department uses 3D laser scans and state-of-the-art prototypes to create a product that fits perfectly to the target car model.
  • It's safe
    WeatherTech FloorLiner HP feature a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch and a contoured underside that makes the mats non-slip.
    The surface design transports and traps liquids in a specific area preventing them from settling on your shoes or carpet creating a safe surface for driving in all weather conditions.
    In addition, our FloorLiners are firmly anchored to the vehicle floor. A special retention system locks onto components already present on your car floor ensuring maximum safety. If your car is lacking a retention system, for selected models, we provide our patented fastening devices.
  • It’s durable.
    Our FloorLiner HP are are made with an advanced thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound that has high tensile strength, a high resistence even at extreme temperatures and a strong chemical resistance. This means that your FloorLiner will not deform due to sudden changes in temperature or even after severe stresses. Buy them once and enjoy them throughout the lifetime of your car. Forget about buying car mats that you need to replace every few months and are difficult to recycle.
  • It’s odorless.
    Our product is made with our special Polyethylene material that is unlike the common smelly rubber used in the industry. We offer a product that is odorless, a non-toxic polymer, and is a material that is completely recyclable. It is completely different than the typical rubber materials commonly used.
  • It’s waterproof.
    It provides unparalleled protection for your car’s floor from the harshness of the elements, regardless of whether it is snow, rain, or mud.
  • It’s easy to clean.
    They can be easily washed with water, and they dry right away. The days of waiting for a vacuum to clean your car mats are over! You will become the envy of everyone you meet at the car wash. If needed they are also easy to sanitize using your choice of alcohol-based cleaning products.

WeatherTech helps you to protect your car from everyday dirt with our customized 3d car mats!

Rear FloorLiner HP

WeatherTech mats are wear-resistant and protect against the unexpected caused by back seat passengers, ideal for those who travel often with the whole family on board.
Some models are designed to consist of a single element to guarantee a perfect coverage of the transmission tunnel, thus protecting the central carpet from those difficult to remove stains. They are produced with the same material of the front FloorLiners HP to maintain the same high standards for temperature resistance and impermeability.

Maintain your car’s resale value

That's right! FloorLiners HP protect against spilt coffee or mud for example, and in doing so they help to maintain your car’s resale value. There are many factors that contribute to the value of a used car including mileage and mechanical maintenance, but above them all is the condition of your car’s interior.
After installing our mats, many customers have told us that they have found the foot compartments perfectly intact without signs of wear, like a car that has just left the dealership.

The FloorLiner Hp is designed for carpeted vehicles, so they do not fit vehicles with vinyl floors unless otherwise specified. To properly install WeatherTech car liners you need to remove the old mats from your vehicle.

FloorLiner is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.