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Custom-Fit Car Floor Mats for Kia Optima

Here is the complete list of our custom-made mats, specifically designed for the different generations of the Kia Optima. Discover the various types of mats we offer and find the one most suitable for your vehicle's model and year.

Protect and Personalize the Interior of Your Kia Optima with WeatherTech Floor Mats

Discover the premium range of WeatherTech floor mats for Kia Optima, designed to provide maximum protection and style for your vehicle's interior. Whether you have an older or newer model, we have a custom-fit FloorLiner just for you. For selected models, FloorLiner HP or All-Weather options may also be available.

FloorLiner: Precision and Protection

Our FloorLiner for Kia Optima is the epitome of custom-fit car mats. Made with 3D laser scanning technology, this mat fits perfectly inside your vehicle, ensuring complete coverage and unparalleled protection against dirt, liquids, and debris. Its high-density polyethylene composition offers exceptional durability and resistance, maintaining shape and functionality even in the most extreme conditions.

FloorLiner Beautiful

FloorLiner HP: Innovation and Functionality

For those looking for a step forward in innovation, the FloorLiner HP is the ideal choice. With an even more sophisticated design and an advanced blend of materials, it offers benefits such as an improved non-slip surface and a softer feel. These mats represent the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and aesthetic excellence, elevating the driving experience to a higher level while maintaining total protection of the interior of your Kia Optima.

FloorLiner HP close up of logo

How to Choose Between FloorLiner and FloorLiner HP?

If both our FloorLiner HP and FloorLiner are available for your Kia Optima, and you want more information on the difference between these two products, we recommend reading our in-depth article found HERE.

Why Choose WeatherTech for Your Kia Optima?

  • Perfect Adaptability: Specifically designed for your Kia Optima, ensuring a precise fit.
  • Absolute Protection: High-quality materials that withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals, and wear.
  • Easy to Clean: A washable surface that dries quickly, keeping your interiors always impeccable.
  • Eco-Responsibility: Odorless, non-toxic, and fully recyclable products, for a reduced environmental impact.
  • Value Preservation: Protecting the interior of your Kia Optima helps maintain its high value. Essential for leasing and resale.