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Car Seat Protectors

The Indestructible Car Seat Protectors
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Seat Protector

The WeatherTech car seat cover is the perfect accessory to protect your seats from daily wear and damage. Scratches and stains on your seats will be a thing of the past.

Our washable seat protectors are made from a polycotton twill fabric with an exterior layer of treated nylon to make it water-repellent and a non-slip layer in contact with your seats to ensure complete safety and protection.

  • Resistant.
    The polycotton twill fabric together with a nylon layer withstands the most extreme wear and tear. It is completely scratch-resistant, so forget about the cheap dog seat covers that don’t protect against their nails. You will even be impressed how it defends against your children.

  • Waterproof.
    The seat cover’s surface is protected by a durable water-repellent layer. Say goodbye to unsightly stains left on your car seats, they will remain looking as good as new just like when your car left the dealership.

  • Safe.
    It remains firmly anchored to your seats due to the efficient non-slip lower surface layer, the fixing straps, and special inserts.

  • Easy to clean.
    You can easily remove the seat covers from your car and wash them in the washing machine. It’s a sinch!

  • Versatile.
    The product is available in various sizes and is thus adaptable to most car models. Our website will help you to select the most suitable size. Choose from both front and/or rear seat covers.

The back seat cover fits all rear seat benches, but if your car has central seatbelts, they will not be accessible.

ATTENTION: If your car has side airbags inserted inside the seats (see image) do not install the Seat Protectors if the straps or other parts of the product interfere with the proper functioning of the Airbags.

Please note that you must have the seat headrests correctly installed so that you can attach the Seat Protector straps to them.