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Tapis De Coffre Sur Mesure | CargoLiner

La meilleure protection pour le coffre de votre voiture

Cargo Liner

WeatherTech CargoLiner is the ideal solution to protect your trunk from any kind of liquid or dirt. They are measured by laser to ensure a perfect fit to each unique trunk space.

This innovative trunk liner is designed with a texture that helps prevent your cargo from moving around while driving.

CargoLiner features

  • It's beautiful.
    A cargo mat for SUV and cars with a truly unique, functional, and elegant look.

  • It’s tailor-made.
    Specifically studied and designed to fit exclusively to car model and your customized add-ons. Depending on the model there might be areas cropped out or specific features to accommodate hooks, cargo securing nets, subwoofers, etc.

  • It stops literally everything.
    Thanks to its three-dimensional shape that includes raised edges, our trunk mats manage to contain dirt and keep your cargo area immaculate, as though it has just left the dealership. Your car’s trunk floor will be safe from liquids that reduce its lifespan and produce bad odors.

  • It’s durable.
    This product is produced with patented TPE thermoplastic guaranteeing a high resistance to wear and extreme temperatures and creating a completely flexible material that is easy to install and store. 
    Also, the car trunk protectors manufactured by WeatherTech are flame resistant according to the FMVSS302 standards. Like other products by WeatherTech, you are buying a quality product that will accompany your car throughout its useful life.

  • It’s odorless.
    Our product is made with our special Polyethylene material that is unlike the common smelly rubber used in the industry. We offer a product that is odorless, a non-toxic polymer, and is a material that is completely recyclable. It is completely different than the typical rubber materials commonly used.

  • It’s waterproof.
    Our liners can be easily cleaned with water, and do not absorb dirt or bad odors. In addition, they quickly dry after being washed. If needed they are also easy to sanitize using your choice of alcohol-based cleaning products.

Use examples

  • Cargo Liner for Your Dog
    The CargoLiner is the perfect substitute to the outdated and unsightly pet cargo liners. The non-slip texture prevents your dog from sliding around in the cargo area. The odorless material does not bother your pet’s developed sense of smell and provides for a comfortable trip. The cargo trays are made with a highly resistant material that protects your car’s trunk from your pet’s nails. Lastly, it’s quick and easy to clean.

  • Heavy Duty Work Applications
    The SUV Cargo Liner is ideal for those who use their vehicle’s trunk for heavy duty work or for storing their tools. It’s quality and resistant material helps prevent damage to your car’s delicate carpet. It’s raised edges help defend against unexpected liquid spills that could irreparably damage your car. The best part is you can quickly and easily clean it when needed.

  • For the Everyday
    Your trunk is essential for everyday activities from getting the shopping done, to carrying sports equipment, or construction materials and paint. The WeathTech auto trunk liner is designed to protect your car against every kind of nasty dirt, grime, and liquids you throw at it. Don’t worry about the cleanup, with the CargoLiner it’s a sinch!

WeatherTech Bumper Protector

The Bumper Protector covers the surface of the bumper and prevents it from getting scratched when loading and unloading materials and animals. It is made from a durable vinyl fabric and complements the CargoLiner nicely; it’s stainless-steel hooks also make it simple to install. The WeatherTech Bumper Protector comes in 2 sizes: 76cm x 76cm, or 101cm x 76cm. The correct width is automatically selected based on your car model.

Simply attach the vinyl protector to the CargoLiner and unroll it so that it covers and protects your vehicle’s bumper. When you are not using it roll it up and fix it in place using the supplied clamps. When it is time to clean your bumper protector, simply remove it and wash or wipe it down.

-> WeatherTech's Bumper Protector is only available for specific car models and in the color black.

CargoLiner is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.